"INTO A SPACE OF LOVE",  Dir. by Wu Tsang,  Prod. Boychild, Ladin Awad


Frieze and Gucci present: INTO A SPACE OF LOVE, a magical realist documentary that explores the legacies of house music rooted in New York underground culture. 

Starring Kevin Aviance, Kia LaBeija with Taina Larot, Jeff Simmons, Shaun J Wright, and Venus X. 

Directed by Wu Tsang, Produced by Boychild, Ladin Awad. DP: Antonio Cisneros,  Line Producer: Joyce Keokham, Set Design: Hawa Arsala, MUA: Raisa Flowers


In The Name of Identity, Dir. Ladin Awad

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A short experimental film documentary exploring Sudanese identity politics through a personal journey that also seeks to contribute to a national and global discussion about identity, home, belonging, and modernity in post-colonial societies.

"Tide and Moon", Artist: Katherine Dianne, Dir. Ladin Awad 

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Stills from a music video I directed, produced and edited for artist Katherine Dianne titled "Tide and Moon".  


DP: Imani Dennison, AC: Joe King Stylist: Hawa Arsala, Set Design: Ayqa Khan, Production Assistants: Ayasha Guerin, Lelah Childs