Photo by Travis Matthews

Photo by Travis Matthews

Ladin Awad is a multidisciplinary artist and creative producer by way of Sudan and New York City. Her practice is centered around innovative and intimate forms of image making as well as identifying cultural movements and translating them in to immersive and experiential art programming. 

She is also a co founder of Chroma, a cross disciplinary creative studio that amplifies the talents and skills of womxn of color, offers strategies for innovative programming, visual content, immersive experiences, effective partnerships, and community empowerment.. 



“A Place At The Table” T Magazine Culture issue/New York times. April 2019

“Around America’s Dinner Table” T Magazine Culture Issue/New York Times. April 2019

“For Us By Us: Inside The New Social Spaces for People of Color” New York Times. March 2019

“Freedom is No Fear” Speaking with Ladin Awad about photographic gaze and community. - SENTIMENTS/ PRESS PRESS. August 2018